UFO Drone Hand Operated Drone for Kids Children Toys Mini UFO Drone Flying Ball Toy Gifts for Boys and Girls Drone 5 6 7 8 9 10 Years Old Kids Indoor Drone with Gift Bag (Red)

Price: $17.49
(as of Mar 09,2021 05:49:47 UTC –

Price: $17.49
(as of Mar 09,2021 05:49:47 UTC – Details)

Product Description

DearHop Toys

ufo drone
ufo drone

Have Fun with DearHop

DearHop is devoted to providing high-quality product and service to all customers.

ufo drone
ufo drone

2 Speed Modes-click power switch to switch speed mode:

Medium Speed (Default Boot, Green light)
High Speed (Blue light)

Easy to Have Fun Together

It ended up being fun for the whole family. The best part is anyone can control it. Without the need for a remote it will guide itself throughout the house and can be passed to each other. Fun for all!

Product Specifics
Size: 11*11*6cm (4.3*4.3*2.4 Inches)


The hand-operated drone toy is made of non-toxic and high-grade ABS material which is lightweight, flexible and bendy to withstand countless crashes, it is very durable for kids.

Strong Point

5 Magical Sensors: Infrared sensing & Flexible dodge.

4 Species LED Light Indicator:

Green light – Medium speed; Blue light – High speed;

Red light – Out of battery, lights flashing alternately – Preparing.

The drone will be lower from high when the red light flashing.

How to Use

ufo drone

ufo drone

ufo drone

ufo drone

ufo drone

ufo drone

ufo drone

ufo drone

Starting Up & Calibration:

Short press power switch to turn on the aircraft, green light will light up; It is recommended to CALIBRATE the drone before Each Flight and for Flight Anomalies (after impact): Turn over the bottom of the drone and then three-click the power switch, three lights of the UFO will be flashing, keep it in a balanced position, LED light will be on after calibration completed.


After calibration, hold the drone in hand and extend forward, then release your hand it will take off automatically; it will hover again If you don’t perform.

Flight Interaction:

Approach the bottom of the drone with a hand or an object, the helicopter will ascend to a certain distance and hover again; When hands approach flying toy, it moves to the opposite direction; Normal operation will be affected if it encounters strong light, black objects and glass.

Stop Flying & Power Off:

Grab and flip the flying ball over to stop it; Long press switch for 2 seconds to turn off it, LED light will go out.

ufo drone
ufo drone

Calibrate the drone:

Actually, There are two steps before a drone takes off. One is pairing, the other is calibration. Both are changed from flashing red, blue and green lights to solid green light, and the only difference between calibration and pair is calibration need to turn over the drone to keep the gyro steady.

Step1: pair the drone: press the power button one time, the drone will be opened, red, blue and green-3 colors will flashing, and then to be solid green after 1 second, that means you already to pair the drone.

Step2: calibrate the drone: Turn over the bottom of the aircraft and then quick three-click the power switch. The important thing to note here is that it must be 3 switches in quick succession. The indicator light of the aircraft begin to turn red, blue and green-3 colors flashing alternately, that means it already under the calibrating mode. You need to turn over the drone again keep its face up. Keep the aircraft in a balanced position, the LED light will be green on after the calibration completed.

ufo flying ball
ufo flying ball

How to make the drone not flying too high:

The drone needs to fly in a wide area of the room. It may collide at first, but it has the ability to learn by itself. After a few USES, it will adapt to the environment and gravity, making the flight more smooth. And it’s worth noting that if you want this drone to fly low, you can’t get your hand close to it, because the principle is that if you get close to it, it will avoid you and fly higher. Here are the tips:

1.When the flight altitude is too high, or the flight anomaly needs to be calibrated. Please turn over the bottom of the drone and click the power switch button for three times quickly. Then the calibration will be completed. And the flying height of the Drone will be adjusted.

2.When the drone is flying, if the hand is not close to the bottom of the drone, after 2-3 seconds, the drone will automatically lower and adjust the altitude of the flight.

3.This drone has the function of self-learning. After a certain flight time, the drone can better adapt to different environments, including the ability to independently adjust the flight altitude and automatically avoid obstacles.

ufo drone
ufo drone

Warm Notes:

Please do not use the product in high wind and strong light.

Please do not operate the product in a narrow or cluttered environment.

Please do not put any heavy object directly on the hand drone.

ufo drone
ufo drone

Great Gift Choice

It is a perfect gift for birthday, Christmas or other festivals.

Easy operation and ergonomically safe design makes it a brilliant gift for your children, family members or friends.

A perfect toy for the whole family to join in indoors & outdoors.

SAFE DESIGN & PORTABLE GIFT BAG: The hand-operated drone toy is made of non-toxic and high-grade ABS material which is lightweight, flexible, durable and bendy to withstand countless crashes; Totally safe coz propellers built inside the toy drone body, hands will not be hurt by high speed moving propellers; Also,the drawstring gift bag makes it easy to carry and storage.
5 UPGRADED INTERACTIVE SENSORS & HANDS FREE FUN: Fitted with 5 sensors, this mini drone for kids automatically moves in any direction whenever it comes close to hands or obstacle;Operation is incredibly kid-friendly,press power button on the hand drone to pair and just gently toss it in the air to fly. No need remote to control,free your hands, enjoy the joy of flying carefree.
ADJUSTABLE SPEED & COLORFUL LIGHTS: The default boot is medium speed mode,click the power switch to switch speed mode, red & blue & green flashing alternately means preparing, green light means ready and medium speed, blue light means high speed, red light means out of battery and need charge;These kids drones with shining lights in the night sky is more colorful which is attracting sights as well as bring more joy.
USB FAST CHARGING & GROUP PARTY GAME: Easy charging via USB port using your computer, laptop, power bank, phone charger adapters. Unlike other RC drone for girls,our flying toys full charge takes only 40 mins to get the show in the air much faster. This kid drone is a gravity defying hover drone perfect for any room, office or dorm, suit for playing multiplayer games with family and friends.
HOTTEST GIFTS for KIDS & ADULTS: These top kids toys perfect for children, teenager, adult, Elderly, which with functions of 360°flips & rolls,one key take off/landing, altitude hold and self-learning, after a certain flight time the drone can better adapt to different environments, makes your flight more exciting. These mini flying drones make awesome travel toys, festival gifts, boys gifts, girls gifts and fun birthday party activities.

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