Students and Social Service

Students and Social Service

The ideal of social service is held sacred in every religion. The service of fellow men is the service of God. Moreover, free India needs missionaries with a zeal for social reforms. Service of others should be the motto of everyone. To infuse this spirit social service should be made compulsory in schools and colleges.

Students have unlimited vigor and vitality. They have no worries about earning their livelihood. They have a lot of time at their disposal. So they can be of great help in the field of social service.

India is a country of villages. But our villages are still very backward. Village folk suffers from hunger and disease. They live in ignorance. They suffer from many evils. So, there is a great scope of social service in villages.

Students and Social Service

The students can play an important role ink improving a lot of the villagers. They have no worries about earning their livelihood. They have unlimited strength and enthusiasm. They have a lot of time. They can devote their time and energy to the villages.

During their vacation, the students should set up camps in villages. They should study the conditions of the village folk and befriend them. Their first task should be to teach the villagers to keep their villages clean. Most of the villagers do not know the rules of health and sanitation. They live in dark and dirty houses and surroundings. The students can explain to them the elementary rules of health and cleanliness. They can guide village women folk about some home nursing and first-aid.

Then, most of the villagers are illiterate, They are cut off from the national stream. They do not know modern means of agriculture. Students can conduct classes for adults. They can create political and social awareness among the villagers. The students can popularize among the villagers the known methods of ‘family planning. They can explain to them the advantages of having a small family. Most of the villagers idle away their time. The students can develop among them, the habit of self-help They can teach the villagers to use their spare time in building roads and digging canals.

The villagers suffer from many evils. They are caste-ridden. They indulge in litigation. They take urine. They indulge in child marriages. They spend beyond their means in marriages. The students can create an awakening among them.

Students can render help to many other social organizations like the Bharat Sewak Samal. They can help the sufferers of an epidemic or famine-stricken area. Students can do some things for the defense of their country. They can get training in first-aid, fire- fighting, air raid precautions, use of rifles, nursing, etc.

It is seen that modern students dislike social service. They lead a dull, cheerless, and irresponsible life. They idle away most of their time in going to clubs and cinemas, This is very deplorable.

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