Part Time Jobs

Part-Time Jobs

A part-time job is a good way of spending one’s spare time as well as earning some extra money. Many people who hold part-time jobs do so to supplement their insufficient normal income. In this age of inflation and rising costs, this insufficiency is not surprising. Others may do part-time work because they love that particular kind of work. Yet others may have dreams of making it rich. Whatever the reasons, part-time jobs are available to those who care to take them.

Part-time jobs can be lucrative. Companies that deal with direct-sales employ a lot of part-timers. They may be housewives, teachers, students, school-leavers, labourers or anyone who have the time, energy and drive to go around pushing the products. These direct-sales organisations sell mainly consumer products, like cosmetics, toiletries, casual-wear and others. The employees are paid a commission for the number of goods sold. The more a person sells, the greater the financial reward he will get.

Selling insurance is another popular part-time job. Anyone with a fast tongue and an amiable personality will do well in this line. Selling insurance is like selling any ordinary products. Instead of solid products, the customer is given a promise of security for the future. It is not easy to convince a person to part with his money for such an intangible thing as security, but persistence helps. I have a friend who has sold a million ringgit worth of life-insurance, all done during the school holidays. It demanded great efforts and sacrifices on his part but I suppose he is more than compensated for his troubles.

Part Time Jobs

Not everyone has this ‘gift of the gab’. There are people who are terribly shy and can hardly converse with a stranger without blushing. For such a person, selling is not a job for him. He would be better off doing a job that demands the minimum of interaction with strangers.

Working as a temporary clerk would be suitable for an introvert. There are such jobs available almost daily. All one has to do is to refer to the classified advertisements section of a newspaper to find them.

For the more physical person, there is always the possibility of doing temporary work with a construction firm. The pay is good, even for a no-experience labourer. However, the work is tough. It entails long hours at the mercy of the weather. However, it is particularly rewarding for anyone who intends to get into the construction line. Experience at the lowest level will serve him well later. He learns what hardship is. He understands the meaning of hard work.

Without the necessary muscles and endurance, a person would be better off away from construction work. A less demanding form of part-time work is as a counter salesclerk in one of the many stores and supermarkets in towns and cities. The job involves looking after the customers with their purchases. Unlike direct sales, there is not much need to convince a customer. He is ready to buy. All the salesclerk has to do is to help him along. A little courtesy goes a long way.

Yet there are others who are contented with simple part-time jobs like baby-sitting and washing cars for the neighbours. Also, the demand for tutors is ever-increasing among well-to-do families. So it can be worthwhile to find out about such opportunities in various housing estates. Teaching little kids about simple things like writing and arithmetic cannot be too tough. A bit of patience is all that is needed.

Whatever the part-time jobs that one may do the experience of working are invaluable. This is especially true for students who will leave school one day and take up permanent jobs.

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