Influence of Television

Influence of Television

The invention of television has made the fairy tales of science come true. Television brings not only the voice but also the picture of a distant speaker right to our drawing rooms. With its help, we can see distant persons and events as if they were present before our eyes. The entertainment value of television is really very great. Till yesterday, the running commentary of a cricket match was great excitement. Now you can see on your T.V. set the ball-to-ball progress of the match, the batsmen running between the wickets, the fielders chasing the ball, talking or dropping catches, and other details. Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations are witnessed by people in their drawing-rooms.

Then, there are programs of music-the-classical as well the popular variety. There are mushairas and Kavi Sammelans. It is really a refreshing experience to see a film which is being televised, sitting comfortably in your drawing-room. Here you are the master of the whole show, in a position to stand a free cinema show to your friends or guests without charging any ticket money. Besides entertainment, television has a great educative value. We can make the best use of it by imparting education to students. Almost all the school subjects can easily be taught through television. A dull subject can be made interesting and absorbing on screen. Televised lessons are so interesting that student’s attention does not get a chance to waver. Therefore, the lessons taught through television prove very effective. Moreover, it can serve the needs of an unlimited audience and listeners. Only a few good teachers are needed to impart education to millions of students living in distant places.

Influence of Television

In a country like India, television has enormous potential as a medium for mass education. Millions of our children never attend school. Still millions drop out after spending a few years there. A large number of people living in rural India cannot read or write. So there is mass illiteracy in India. Television can serve as a valuable and effective means of instruction. Illiterate Indian masses carp be educated in the various activities of their work through the television. Talks and discussions covering a wide range of subjects can be broadcast through television and can serve to disseminate– views and reviews and the latest discoveries and advances in various spheres of life. Television can thus, make the citizen aware of himself, of his country, of the world in which he lives, and his responsibility to improve the general condition of life. It can provide useful information of all kinds and provide an insight into social problems.

Television may have some evil influences. Boys and girls are glued to the T.V. Sets, neglecting their studies and missing household chores. Then, at a television set, one sees pictures from a close distance. This affects eyesight very badly. But the good effects of television cannot be overlooked. Like every other scientific invention, television has its bad side-effects. This is up to the individual how to make its proper use.

Changing Fashions Fashion is the other name of change. It changes like the wind. It is almost impossible to keep pace with the changing fashions. What is fashionable today, becomes out of fashion tomorrow. The rapid change in fashion is due to either man’s love for novelty or his instinct for hero worship. In matters of fashion in dress and hairstyles, film stars are the idols of our young men and women. They would dress like Vinod Khanna or Amitabh Bachchan.

They would pay handsomely to a hair-dresser to get their hair cut after the style of the film star of their choice. They have become fashion fans. They have become slaves to these fashions. They imitate them blindly. Very often we find them wearing tight dresses that check free movements of their limbs. But still, they do not reject them, because the people will call them unfashionable. In the latest wake of fashion, young boys and girls have started wearing the same kind of clothes in color and design. Their hairstyles are almost the same. All this has made it difficult to distinguish between them. Really it is too much of fashions. Change is the law of nature.

Everything in this world is bound to .be changed. So is with the fashions. But the pace with which they change and the craze for them among the young boys and girls, are both alarming. They should be checked without delay. Fashions keep on changing. Their flow cannot be checked. But the change should be for the better. It should not check the healthy development of the younger generation. Fashions should not curb the moral values in them. Fashion for fashion’s shake should be discarded.

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