GFPR Laptop Desk, Portable Lap Desk Computer Table with Pillow Cushion Be Used As A Mobile Desk, Work Table,Lap Writing Board,Drawing Desk, 3040cm

Price: $88.94
(as of Mar 04,2021 14:20:00 UTC –

Price: $88.94
(as of Mar 04,2021 14:20:00 UTC – Details)

Product name: laptop computer desk
Size: 30*40cm
Material: Medium Density Wood
product manual:
1. This product is used in laptops of 14 inches or less
2. In turn, it can be used as a nap pillow
3.In addition to threading, the threading hole can also be used for hand-carrying
4. Wipe only partially when cleaning, do not wash the whole

Stretch fabric, easy to stretch, comfortable and durable; absorb moisture quickly and dry, feel smooth and can be used as a nap pillow.
The threading hole allows you to charge it neatly and conveniently when the notebook is empty.
The MDF has a smooth and flat surface, fine solid edge material and good surface cleanliness. It can well support laptop computers.
The non-slip rails can prevent the beloved books from sliding down, and at the same time, the smooth surface also prevents the books from being injured.

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