GFPR Lap Desks – Fits Up to 15.6 Inches Laptop Desk, Can Be Used in Bed, Sofa, Car, Solid Wood Granules Board

Price: $88.48
(as of Mar 04,2021 00:37:48 UTC –

Price: $88.48
(as of Mar 04,2021 00:37:48 UTC – Details)

Product: laptop notebook table + anti-slip bar
Laptop notebook model A: W370XH265 (mm), anti-slip bar size W320XH10 (mm)
Laptop notebook model B: W570XH305 (mm), anti-slip bar size W 520XH10 (mm)
Panel material: Solid wood Granules board
The soft pillows are comfortable even if the skin on the knees or hands is in contact for a long time.
High-quality fabric, can directly operate the mouse, more convenient to use.
Each knee table is attached with a buckle strip to make your use more secure.
Portable, can be used in the car, is a good choice for travel office. You can also put tablets, mobile phones, books.

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