FOR U DESIGNS Cute Cat Dog Print Laptop Bag/Shoulder Bag/School Backpack for Kids

Price: $28.99
(as of Mar 10,2021 18:20:02 UTC –

Price: $28.99
(as of Mar 10,2021 18:20:02 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Approx Dimensions: 11.4″ L x 15.35″ H x 6.8″ W

Material: Canvas&Cotton/Polyester
                STURDY, DURABLE 

Weight: 410g – LIGHTWEIGHT
Back Carrying Air Cushion Belt, thick and padded, BREATHABLE, SOFT and COMFORTABLE 

Adjustable shoulder straps 

This backpack fits all crowds ( Children/ Adults).
It depends on your height, and how you use it or how many things do you carry on this backpack.

Most buyers said that:
As school backpack, it will fit for most K-6 Grade. It is good for all supplies needed to go along with everyday learning.But if your child has to pack multiple school books everyday,maybe it will be a little small for kids over 3rd grade.

This backpack can be used for school, camping, shopping, work, travel and more! 

Adorable, Durable, Great Graphics, We think you or your kids will like it.


2* side pouchs
1* zipper pocket on the front 
1* main large pocket inside
1*laptop/tablet compartment inside
1* small zipper pocket inside
-Main large pocket can hold laptop/books/notebooks/folders/3 ring binder/loose leaf, etc.

-Side pouchs can hold water bottle/ umbrella/ spectacles case, etc.

-The zipper pocket on the front for your small but importment things. Such as pencils, notecards, markers, glue, calculator, etc.

-The laptop/tablet compartment can hold laptop/ipad/A4 paper, etc.

If you would like hold the laptop in the laptop compartment, it can fit a 13 inch laptop.
If you would like hold the laptop in the main large pocket, it can fit a 15 inch laptop.
-The small zipper pocket inside can hold mobile phone/ MP3 player/ portable charger/ little zero purse, etc.

Good and Smooth Zipper, it is easy to grab by fingers.

Headphone Spot:

A headphones spot in the bag so that you can leave the phone or player secured in the bag with the headphones coming out the hole.

There is another use, if you want to play the mobile phone when it is out of power, you can leave the portable charger in the bag with the powerline which connects to the mobile phone coming out the hole,then you can easily play with your mobile phone,no need to hold the portable charger in one hand.

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