Ethnic Tribal Patterned Elephant Print Design – Girls Black Multi-Purpose Laptop Shoulder Messenger Bag and Small Wire Accessories Case Set – Elementary/Middle/High School

Price: $74.99
(as of Mar 07,2021 00:35:45 UTC –

Price: $74.99
(as of Mar 07,2021 00:35:45 UTC – Details)

This trendy multi-purpose laptop messenger bag is made of a high quality black canvas-polyester material. It measures 11.75″ x 15.5″ and expands to around 4 inches; fits laptops that are 15″ and under, notebooks, iPads, textbooks, etc. It features a large pocket within which there are three other pockets for extra organization. In front of the large pocket, and right below the flap, is an additional medium sized pocket as well as 2 square shaped pockets that are perfect for wires/food/small supplies storage. Adjustable strap with rubber grip for shoulder comfortability and non-slip. This laptop messenger bag is the perfect solution for the school, and university students, and is a great bag for work and every day as well. An all-around bag for every kind! The multi functional sturdy nylon-lined small wire case features 2 inside zippers to improve organization as well as a vibrant striking image on the outer flap. this handy case can be used to organize anything from small wires to USB’s to headphones to writing instruments, etc., and accessorizes with style.
High Quality Laptop Messenger Bag for School, College, and On-the-Go. Measures 11.75″ x 15.5″ and Expands to Approximately 4 Inches. Fits Laptops/Notebooks 15″ and Under. Comes with a 5″ x 8″ small-medium sized matching wire/accessory case with 2 zippered pockets for organization. Wire case expands to about 5 inches. (Great for headphones, cables, USB, pens, etc.)
Features 1 large pocket containing 3 mini pockets for extra organization within, and an additional 3 pockets under the flap for supplies and accessories. Flap closes with crisscross velcro for easier adjustability. Adjustable non-slip strap with rubber grip for shoulder comfortability. Will fit ipads, binders, textbooks, notebooks, folders, etc.
Produced and Manufactured in the United States. Ships From Our Factory in New York. Quick Processing and Shipping. Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Trendy and Stylish Multi-Purpose Laptop Shoulder Messenger Bag and Small Wire Accessories Case Set for the School-Goer. Perfect for Elementary, Middle School, High School, and College University Students. Stand Out with the Coolest Bag!

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